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ALL INDIA JAMIATUL QURESH ACTION COMMITTEE First National Conference held at Hotel Park Hyatt, Hyderabad on 6th of August 2021. Faheem Qureshi Advocate President raised his concerns over the lynching of Muslim Cattle Traders, Transporters, Consumers of beef, Butchers especially on the pretext of “saving cattle” has apparently been on the rise in recent years. There have been dozens of such killings in the last few years President Faheem Qureshi informed that Radical cow protection groups in India have killed at least 44 people during three years and often received support from law enforcement and Hindu nationalist politicians, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch. The 104-page report examines Hindu nationalist vigilante attacks and said 36 of the dead were members of India’s large Muslim minority. About 280 people have been injured in more than 100 attacks between May 2015 and December 2018. In Dadri, Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched for possessing cooked meat, which might have come from a buffalo. There are many other cases, where victims were killed without proof of possessing cow meat or being accompanied by a cow. In the name of cow-protection, almost all cattle, farm and poultry animals are being ‘protected’ by Hindutva forces while inflicting one-sided violence against Muslims. Multiple cases of mob lynching have been registered in Bihar, UP, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. Several cases have also been reported in the south Indian states of Karnataka, Telangana and Kerala. In other words, mob lynching has almost become a national phenomenon. The Rajasthan assembly passed an anti-lynching bill with provisions for life imprisonment and a fine ranging from Rs 1-5 lakhs in cases where mob violence lead to a victim’s death. In July 2018, the Supreme Court described lynching as a “horrendous act of mobocracy”. passed directives urging the parliament to enact a law to deal with the crime that “threatens rule of law and the country’s social fabric.” It also came up with an 11-point prescription, which included state governments designating a nodal officer for taking measures to prevent incidents of mob violence and lynching. Despite the Supreme Court’s intervention, According to the report, “35% of police personnel interviewed for the survey think it is natural for a mob to punish the “culprit” in cases of cow slaughter, As revealed by a report published in 2017 – the police registered cases against the victims and survivors of mob lynching in 30% of the cases. The members of AIJQAC extend their heartfelt sympathy and condolence to the bereaved families and friends of all those who died of violence. Further resolved to support the victims by all legal means to protect their fundamental, constitutional and human rights. It is also resolved to seek legal protection for the active members of the organization including the President and his family members and members of all affiliated units in the country who are facing threats to their lives from Cow Vigilante Groups, Hindu Nationalist Politicians and other groups which cannot be named on record due to immediate threat of prosecution of members by involving them in false and fabricated cases. Mr. President informed that it is very essential to have the presence of active members of the organization in all the parts of the country to resolve the issues of Quresh Community in India. Therefore, it is unanimously resolved to have a National Core Committee consisting of the Presidents & Secretaries of the associations of Quresh Community from the States & Union Territories of India. Further resolved to have dignitaries and social activists as members of the organization and shall be appointed by the majority of the votes of Presidents & Secretaries of the associations of States and Union Territories of India. The National Core Committee shall operate under the banner of “ALL INDIA JAMIATUL QURESH ACTION COMMITTEE” and shall abide by the aims & objectives of AIJQAC. It shall have President, 3Vice-Presidents, Secretary General, Joint Secretaries, Treasurer, 5 Secretaries and Executive Members. All Presidents & Secretaries of the State and Union Territories including appointed dignitaries and social activist shall be called as Executive Body of the National Core Committee. The tenure of National Core Committee shall be for 3 years from August 2021 – August 2024 and shall report all its activities to the Conveners. For this purpose, Mr. Saleem Ahmed Qureshi has been appointed as Convenor North India, Mr. Shaik Altaf Qureshi Advocate appointed as Convener Central India and Mr. B.M.Yousuf Qureshi has been appointed as Convener South India with a delegated power to form societies in States and Union Territories of India under Sanobar Ali Qureshi Advocate Supreme Court & Senior Vice-President AIJQAC. Mohammed Habeeb Mustafa Advocate, National President of Youth Wing All India Jamiatul Quresh Action Committee took the podium and proposed vote of thanks

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